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Solution – It is easy to be a food hero with Foodlist.

Help cut food waste! Foodlist is an app where you can share information about food that is in danger of becoming food waste.
Help save the environment and contribute to a better future. See how it works: Our solution – The Foodlist app

Food business or charity? Want to donate or recieve surplus food?

Get access to our donation module. See how it works: Foodlist donation module

Food waste blog

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God reklame for matsvinn?

Visste du at maten vi kaster i Norge kunne mettet en halv million mennesker? Det kommer fram i NORSUS-rapporten «Sektorrapport for matbransjen, offentlig sektor og husholdningsleddet 2021». Rapporten slår fast at matsvinnet fra matbransjen, offentlig Les mer…

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